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💝 Two New Pre-Orders through Jan 10!  The Polish Nook's Box of Chocolates is back for the third annual event!  6 indie polishes inspired by chocolate plus a hand care item!  We are also celebrating Mardi Gras for the first time with a curated 4 polish collab, perfect for your Carnival! 🎉


🎵 The Polish Nook's Mix Tape Box 🎵 - 10 polish playlist!  Each maker created an exclusive polish based on a song to bring you the ultimate polish playlist!

💜 The Prince Tribute Bonus Tracks 💜 - specially curated Prince inspired bonus set to go with the Mix Tape Box!  3 polishes and Unicorn Magic Skincare Deluxe Cuticle Balm. 


🎵 Grease is the Word 🎵 Inspired by the color palette of the 50's, The Polish Nook collaborated with Lacquer is in the Air to create this beautiful collection of cream polishes that stamp and watermarble! 

 😎 Dark Side of the Mole 😎 Paradox Polish created this steel gray holo polish for The Polish Nook in honor of May's Melanoma/Skin Cancer Awareness Month!  $3 of each bottle of 'Dark Side of the Mole' will be donated to the American Cancer Society/Melanoma Research Alliance. 

 🎂 You say it's your Birthday??!! 🎂 Celebrate with The Polish Nook's Birthday Box!  4 indie polishes plus 2 hand care items packaged with birthday treats make this a special gift for yourself or a lucky friend!  Tell us your sign (or birthdate) for a customized surprise!

The Polish Nook curated the 🍭 50 Years of Wonka 🍭 collaborative collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beloved movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. We teamed up with makers that have been with us since the beginning, Colorés de Carol, LynBDesigns, & Native War Paints, who each created 2 polishes for a total collection of 6. These can be purchased individually ranging from $11-$11.50 or as a complete set of 6 for the value price of $60. Releasing October 1 at 10am just as the Golden Ticket read, you can shop exclusively at The Polish Nook


😺 Cats vs. Dogs 🐶 Choose a side or support BOTH!  Each box contains 5 polishes by different makers and a toy for your fur baby!  $6 per box donated to either Circle of Friends Animal Society (CATS) or Carolina Poodle Rescue (DOGS) 




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Please send an email inquiry if you are looking for international shipment.  Shipments to some countries may be restricted at this time.

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